Oya and the Courage to Embrace Change




I’m writing this from an edgy and spiritually charged place-

It’s the day before a powerful full moon, and I’m basking in my last few days of my saturn period before I enter my sun period on my birthday this Friday.

I started last week with so much energy and excitement, and ended the week by coming down with a cold, losing my voice, and needing to spend 3 days holed up in my apartment resting. As I chew on fiery ginger root and start to feel more “myself”, I realize I don’t feel like myself because my self is so subject to change these days. I took an African Studies class in college and was always so fascinated with Yoruba culture and a specific goddess from this tradition has been popping into my consciousness these days: Oya. Oya is a goddess of storms and winds- and change. The way Oya brings forth change is not slowly with patience- but destructively, with tornadoes and lightning.

As an extremely fiery and impatient sagittarius (moon in aries for double the fire), I vibe with Oya and I’m down with her methods. Looking back on major changes in my life, they were never that subtle or premeditated. It was always more of a sense of waking up one day and my life was drastically different. Taking things slow and steady was a project that I worked on all year and I’ve learned some things about being patient, and the art of building something one brick at a time.

But with that being said, 2016 has been an intense year and I’m kind of interested in change now, not later. As someone who works in the field of women’s reproduction I’m really uncomfortable with older white men who admittedly know nothing about the challenges women face are the ones pushing religious-backed regulations on what can be done with one’s own body. It makes me really uncomfortable that my black and hispanic clients and friends are 2-3x more likely to die in childbirth than their white counterparts even when you take into account socioeconomic factors. And just on a more personal note, I’m feeling ready for my own increased abundance and freedom doing the work I do in this world right about…………….now.

So I really think the time is now as a collective. And let’s remember the wise words of my favorite author, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-Estes:

“To be an activist
does not mean
to be outraged
and outraged
and outraged.

To be an activist
does not mean
to repeat
and repeat
that x is wrong
and so is y
and by the way,
have you seen
the atrocious z yet?

To be an activist
means to lift
the injured
right within
one’s reach.”

So my intention this full moon is to clear the way for powerful change. To see the thunderstorms in my life not just as death and destruction, but as possibility for new life and growth. Pain and discomfort are just side effects of death, and death is just a prerequisite for my most favorite thing in this whole existence…birth!

❤ Dani


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