New Moon Thoughts

It’s interesting to me that people use the turning of the year as a way to start over new. It says a lot about the masculinity of society as a whole–it is very masculine to remain steady for a sustained period of time. If you shift your paradigm to the feminine, there is a clear cyclical renewal occurring way more frequently than once per year…

Masculine energy is like the sun and therefore extremely important. We depend on the sun to radiate its light and warmth every day and if it one day fluctuated and decided not to, we would all be dead. So thank you God for steady masculinity. Even though things are shifting, we are living in some pretty masculine times and in a rather patriarchal society. This makes change very hard because like the sun, masculinity likes to stay consistent even when we are in desperate need of change.

This is where feminine energy comes in. It’s really only through the feminine, the energy of the moon, can we find balance and change. This gives women a unique power in our masculine society. Both women and the moon work in ~28 day cycles; 2 weeks of waxing (growing) to the peak of the full moon, 2 weeks of waning (shrinking) to the darkness of the new moon. This is mimicked in the female menstrual cycle. So every time the moon is new, it’s a new chance to plant a seed and bring a sense of renewal.

The Earth and the people living on it need balance and need change. Stagnant water gets polluted but running, flowing water stays clean and pure. The fluctuations of the moon and the female may be challenging and unpredictable but also are incredibly healing. Bring awareness to the cycles of the moon and you will find a new awareness in your life; in your relationships, projects, and energy.

If you want to learn more about tapping into the divine feminine and exploring this work I periodically run workshops on the subject–the next one is coming up Saturday January 30th from 5-7pm at Naam Yoga New York (

Happy New Moon and if you’re feeling stuck remember that every passing moment is another chance to choose to turn it all around.

new moon.jpgPeace-





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