Moving into 2016 Newsletter~

Dear Beloved Friends, Students, Family, and Community:

I’m writing with the hope that you have arrived at this last full moon of 2015 filled up with contentment and love in your hearts!! This past year has been a wild journey and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve experienced some of my highest highs and lowest lows all in this same year and it has been a deeply transformative year of learning and growth. As this world is shifting in such an extreme way (either extremely conscious and positive or extremely doomed and negative depending on where you’re looking from), the work that we all do as yogis/light workers is needed now more than ever! I’m so grateful for this conscious community that we are all a part of, and that we are making the world a better place simply by trying to live in the best way that we can. 
The most important thing that I learned this year is that I am not a teacher or a healer. Teaching flows through me and healing flows through me towards others. I am simply the channel for God/Creator/Sun/Universe, whatever you want to call it, to heal and teach through me. This truth has guided me to some of the most profound and humbling experiences of my life, where I’ve witnessed deep healing, birth, death, transformation, and growth. Powerful words have been finding their way out of my mouth in my classes and I’ll solidify them here.
Whether your experience right now is amazing, incredible and blissful; or awful, painful, and terrifying—forget it! Let it go, don’t let it become part of your story. We have such a strong tendency to treasure the “good” and avoid the “bad”. As yogis, it is extremely important to remain neutral and just let experience pass through us without entangling in a story line about it. This neutrality is actually the true bliss and it is more permanent and more similar to God/Creator/Sun/Universe, whatever you want to call it.
I’ve given up on searching for happiness because i AM happiness, I’m more concerned with searching for truth. I’m praying that 2016 is a year of truth and realness for us all. Stay with your practice and dedication, keep it real, make choices that come from love instead of fear!
Continue reading for my 2016 schedule and offerings ❤
To kick off the new year I always offer anyone who wants to begin working one-on-one with me a special discounted rate of $85/session for your first 3 sessions! (normally $125/session). This applies to any of the following offerings:
-Private Yoga/Yoga Therapy
-Private Meditation Lessons
-Nutrition Consultations
-Aromatherapy Consultations
-Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Sessions
This is a great gift idea; buy 3 sessions for a friend/loved one who you think could benefit from these healing services!
Low-Cost Doula Services!
I recently became certified as a birth doula and feel so humbled and blessed to be offering this service to birthing mamas! A doula literally means “a woman who serves” and as a doula I attend your birth and offer emotional support and assistance in a non-medical capacity. I am currently offering this service for the low-cost of $300 as I work to gain more experience and this includes a prenatal visit, the entire birth, and a postnatal visit! Having a doula has been shown to lower pain and duration of labor, and eases anxiety that may come up before, during, and after the birth. 
2016 Group Class ScheduleIf you would like to try a class as a guest please just reach out!
7am Core Yoga at Mang’oh Yoga
5:15pm Hatha/Restorative at Naam Yoga New York
9:45am Hatha Yoga + Meditation for Women at Naam Yoga New York
5:15pm Hatha/Restorative at Naam Yoga New York
6:15pm Moon Salutations at Mi-Mi-For-Me Yoga
7am Core Yoga at Mang’oh Yoga
8pm Naam Yoga + Aromatherapy at Naam Yoga New York
4:30pm Basics at Mang’oh Yoga
12pm Vinyasa at Naam Yoga New York
I post my schedule every week on Facebook which will include when I’m subbing classes for others, so if we’re not friends yet please add me there!
I have many workshops in the works for 2016 so please say connected to me through Facebook or email to find out about those!
Sending you all so much love and light,IMG_0365

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