“You are both the key and the door”

I read the above quote the other day and I don’t even remember where but it stuck. A few years ago I was gifted a book called The Core by Michael Assedo who is a powerful Israeli healer. I no longer own this book but his main message that I took away was that “Everything begins within YOU”. I’ve spent the past few years attempting to integrate this concept, because I believe its true, and sometimes I find myself really successful in doing this (and other times not).

If you spend your life looking for answers outside of yourself you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Osho says “If you want to know love, forget about love and remember meditation”. This can be challenging when external entities are immediately gratifying; and the inner, meditative work is slow, grueling, and extremely challenging.

Its possible that there are different keys to different doors but the key that I’ve been having a lot of success with as of lately is the key of GRATITUDE. I have found that it is possible to enter a mental state where there is gratitude for everything, including the good and not-so-good. It is possible to enter a mental state where everything is sacred and meaningful. It is possible to enter a mental state where life in itself just becomes one long prayer and the connection between self and higher power never wanes.

Just knowing that this is a possibility is really helpful for overcoming any resistance to experiencing this. Knowing this information is like holding the key, but there’s still the (daunting) task of opening the door, maybe without knowing whats behind said door. If you don’t use this figurative key to open this figurative door, then you are just left holding a piece of metal which may hold beauty but is essentially useless.

So, you are both the key and the door. It all exists within you, there’s nothing to seek outside of you. Nowhere else to go but within….So now what?




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