Transitioning into Winter–updates

Hey all,

It’s not often that I update this website but I am trying to stay more on top of it starting……NOW! I have updated my schedule so that is up to date. I will be away in Arizona visiting my sister from November 25th-December 1st so I’ll have subs for those classes.

As we transition into Winter, it’s our natural tendency to turn inwards. While the general attitude I’ve observed towards winter (at least in new york) is a negative one, counting down the days until it’s warm again, I find a certain level of comfort in the dark, quiet chill. It’s an amazing time to work on your inner growth, and the heat and sweat of vinyasa helps combat some of that vata-like dryness that winter brings.

“No efforts on this path are wasted”
Everything you put in, you will receive. Have patience with the practice, have patience with the seasons. If you’re ready to go deeper–let’s connect! Half price private sessions now until the new year!! 😉



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